guile docs for gnucash

Brian dol-sen at
Thu May 19 03:42:49 EDT 2005

Is there any documentation of the guile modules?

I have been going nuts trying to figure out some of variables, where
they are originally defined, etc..

To add some business preferences such as company-phone, company-fax,
etc. to be used in printing invoices, etc..

I have found 2 files so far, business-prefs.scm, business-utils.scm

It seems that the variables are first defined in business-utils.scm, and
exported from there (no errors generated from there). The
business-prefs.scm file is used to feed the preferences dialog.  Opening
the Preferences dialog crashes gnucash complaining about an unbound

I have grepped thru everything but cannot seem to find out any other
clues as to how to proceed.

Brian <dol-sen at>

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