Where the cursor ends up after delete split

Edward J. Huff ejhuff at huff20may77.us
Fri May 20 20:58:08 EDT 2005

On Thu, 2005-05-19 at 22:48, Edward J. Huff wrote:
> [...]  So I made a bunch of
> splits with the credit field already filled in so they 
> wouldn't move.  At the end, I had a bunch of blank splits 
> I wanted to delete, so I selected the split, clicked delete, 
> answered the dialog, selected the next split, clicked delete, 
> answered the dialog, clicked delete, answered the dialog... 
> oops!!  I deleted the whole transaction.  So I got to do it 
> twice.  (There ought to be a small change which would make
> that less likely ... but I don't know what it would be).
Here is what I think now:  after a delete split, the cursor
should always end up on the next split after the one which
was deleted.  Any other behavior is counterintuitive and
unexpected.  The above minor disaster does not happen if
the cursor acts as it ought to.

Unless anyone can tell me why it shouldn't do that, (or that
it's already fixed in g2 -- I haven't built g2 yet...), I'll 
file a bug report so it gets on the to-do list.  Probably
I will also fix it but maybe not immediately.

-- Ed Huff

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