Warehouse Manager, Guile-Gnome Platform

Karl Hegbloom hegbloom at pdx.edu
Mon May 23 14:36:54 EDT 2005

Have you see this?


The source code of the newest release, the one that uses Glade2 and
libglade (XML), is worth having a look at.  It is an amazingly small
amount of C code for what it can do, I think.  The technique used is
very interesting, and would likely be of use for GnuCash.  He has
created an XML DTD for a file that holds all of the necessary SQL
queries used to fill out the fields of the GUI forms, and to submit
changes back to the database.  A great deal of the work seems to be done
by the PostgreSQL database, rather than by the application.

I am also wondering if you are aware of and planning to be using the new
Guile Gnome platform?


I had thought it was a "dead" project, but apparently it is NOT; they
are actively working on it as I type this.  The latest release builds,
but I have not tried it yet.

Karl Hegbloom <hegbloom at pdx.edu>

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