Andrew Sackville-West andrew at
Tue May 24 01:18:11 EDT 2005


A discussion about payroll has come up on the user list and some of us 
are pondering the idea about implementing a couple of payroll ideas. One 
user (Michael Crawford) has gone so far as to start a sourceforge 
project centered around a simple spreadsheet.  I personally have been 
stewing on a simple payroll program to generate a .qif for a while.

So... is anyone already working on payroll?

Any objections to any of us trying to tackle it?

I think to ideas are heading towards the plug-in thing, where do we 
figure out how to plug-in?

A couple of my thoughts:

1. I would assume that GNC developers would not want to roll out a 
payroll feature unless it could be implemented for a pretty wide scope 
of users, which means multiple nations and a really complicated problem. 
  My feeling is that if we can get some kind of generic payroll 
structure going as a plug-in, it would be a bit outside the GNC devel 
team and therefore not necessarily be beholden to pleasing a wider 

2. If a plug-in was developed it would probably be fairly easy to modify 
it on a case-by-case basis to make country-specific plug-ins.  or

3. it may be fairly straight-forward to create a very generic payroll 
feature that would allow the user to create their own tax tables (which 
we sort-of have to do every year in the US anyway) thereby making the 
implementation easier and also absolving the developers of 
responsibility for keeping track of all those jurisdictions.

your thoughts are appreciated


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