Andrew Sackville-West andrew at
Thu May 26 11:11:49 EDT 2005

Brian wrote:
> <<snip>>
> I agree.  Andrew, have you started preliminary designs for any of the
> screens? I would like to help out what I can.  It looks like your grasp
> of scheme is better than mine.

I haven't not started any of the ui. ui is something I have NO 
experience in (told you it'sbeen a while). the scheme seems pretty 
intuitive to me. I've been trying to figure out how the hell to get 
some understanding of the gnc code and where to fit in and what, if any, 
parts of it can be reused for this payroll. Obviously the parts that 
write the transactions, the employee records need to be expanded to 
store payroll data, probably whatever standard parts draw the ui...

> Also would it be better to store some of the info in a separate file(s),
> or would you want to mesh it in with the main gnc data file (not the
> locale specs/catculations)?

I suspect, haven't looked deep enough yet, that the engine can probably 
take just about any data structure and write it to the main file which 
is a cleaner solution, plus themore files, the more likely someone is to 
lose one.

> P.S.  Anyone know if doxygen can be config'd to work on the .scm stuff?
> Or would there be a lot of work/changes required?

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