Thomas Bushnell BSG tb at
Sun May 29 23:10:12 EDT 2005

Christopher Browne <gnucash at> writes:

> It's then worth noting that commercial lawyers are not known for
> deferring fees; that is NOT an area where ideals of 'free software' have
> made many inroads.  The "idealistic" lawyers tend to head into 'human
> rights' sorts of directions as opposed to commercial law.

No, this is quite compatible with free software.  Someone has to pay
the lawyer to generate the data: "please give us the run-down on the
law here", and then the lawyer probably doesn't care at all what you
do with it.

Keep in mind: free means libre, not gratis.

Yet, it does take someone with the knowledge and time to do it, or
someone to commission them to.  Lacking that, we can provide a
pluggable feature.


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