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Calum Polwart polc1410 at
Mon May 30 18:21:10 EDT 2005

I have no idea if this the correct place to post this, but I'm doing it 
anyway.  I'm also not subscribed so it'll probably bounce4 and never be 

I've been tring out the check printing facility with a UK cheque book to 
see how it works.  Not surprisingly none of the templates work so I was 
experimenting with custom.  Only to discover that custom settings are 
lost when GnuCASH is restarted...  Please could they be saved 
(preferably so that you could save multiple formats too).

Other thoughts, the cheque i was writing was for 102.85GBP - the text 
says "One hundered two and 85/100".  In the UK at least we would 
normally write this in one of the following ways:

- One hundered and Two POUNDS and 85p
- One hundered and Two Pounds and Eighty-Five Pence

I'm not sure if I gave a shop a cheque written the way it is by Gnu that 
it would be accepted (I know the bank probably would, but what do the 
users in between think?

The currency of the transaction is known so PLEASE consider adding the 
pounds (or dollars or euros) and perhaps pence and cents?


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