New Hacker

Mike B songofmike at
Thu Sep 1 18:19:22 EDT 2005

Hey everyone, I've just been playing around with the
GNUCash source for the first time, and I'm having a
little trouble.  I haven't seen anything in the design
documents about how account data is organized and how
the object mapping interfaces with that, so I'm having
trouble making the queries that I want to make.

I think it's interesting that when someone like me is
first getting into the GNUCash source, what I really
want is a database schema and access to SQL queries. 
I'm sure that I'll learn to appreciate the OR mapping
layer, but right now I'm just confused.

I think what I really need is an example that I don't
have to follow through layers of indirection.  Could
anyone tell me a little about how this is all
organized, and how I could do something like getting a
list of all business "Customer" names?


- mike

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