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Neil Williams linux at
Fri Sep 2 13:14:59 EDT 2005

On Friday 02 September 2005 5:56 pm, Thomas Bushnell BSG wrote:
> > I'd agree (as Debian unstable user) - I have significant problems with
> > the g-wrap package and GnuCash.

I've reported that one:

> I would not expect that the experimental version would have *fewer*
> problems than the one in unstable; I would expect more.


What's the advantage of putting G2 into experimental compared to getting the 
gwrap problem fixed? I have no idea where to start trying to fix gwrap and I 
have quite enough to do without wasting yet more time on it.

> Are there unreported bugs against the version in unstable that you
> haven't been reporting?

? G2 ? I can't report bugs against G2 in unstable, it isn't there, and these 
bugs don't exist in 1.8.9-3. I assume you meant the problems with 
g-wrap/gwrap (v1.9 won't build and v1.3 generates gcc4 warnings that get 
promoted to errors without a problematic switch to autogen.)

Those are the only problems I have in G2 on unstable. The doxygen thing is 
more of an irritation, it doesn't halt development like g-wrap.

Bug #323462 means that each time I commit to G2, I cannot be sure that G2 will 
build under default conditions and other developers have to pick up the 
pieces with patches like this one:


Neil Williams

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