Re -Werror and backup plans

Neil Williams linux at
Sun Sep 4 17:49:54 EDT 2005

On Sunday 04 September 2005 10:09 pm, Derek Atkins wrote:
> > I'd simply commit to a second server (FC3 or whatever), if that works
> > with -Werror, you would be happy to have that committed to
> >
> So long as you commit from a gnucash tree built with -Werror, that's all
> I'm asking.  I don't particular care how you achieve that, but commits to
> gnucash should only happen after gnucash was built with -Werror.

The community (or more specifically my local LUG) is coming to the rescue. I 
should have an FC3 box on loan in time for the next set of commits. It means 
I can continue working and have minimal setup delays.

> PS: I use FC3.

Could you do me a quick favour, off-list? This is going to be a fresh network 
install from a FC3 DVD - January 05, gnome 2.8 libraries, 2.6.9 kernel, etc. 
- could you drop me a line with a list of the packages I'll need specifically 
for G2? It's been *years* since I did anything RPM-based!

I've got a list for the Debian ones here:

Would you mind just telling me the FC3 equivalents? Thanks.

Do any need to be downloaded or would the normal ISO be sufficient?

> PPS: For MacOS you might want to run the on Linux and then move
> the sourcetree over and build it there.

(I knew AppleTalk would come in useful eventually!)



Neil Williams

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