Compiling source with new code.

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Tue Sep 6 09:40:35 EDT 2005

Do you want to add a new source file or add code to an existing
source file?  If the former than you need to modify,
rerun (to get Automake to run), rerun configure, and
then rebuild.  If the latter, then just change the source file
in question and rebuild.

If you're running from CVS and have followed the instructions from
README.cvs and HACKING, then you don't need to manually rerun
autogen...  --enable-maintainer-mode will set up the build system so
if you modify the Makefile will automatically get rebuilt.

Good Luck,


PS: Keep in mind that the existing PG backend is being re-written...
I wouldn't depend on the existing code staying the way it is.

Doug Zain <dzain at> writes:

> How can I add my own code to the backend/postgres
> directory and get it to compile and link using make.
> I am just trying to learn what types of querys are
> being sent to the postgres backend and how they are
> processed.
> The code created will write the querys to a file for
> further investigation.
> Yes - I am a new hacker...
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