Neil Williams linux at codehelp.co.uk
Fri Sep 9 17:55:35 EDT 2005

The logic questions are pre-emptive and little or no code will be written 
until G2 is out although I will use certain ideas to enhance CashUtil. A 
logic framework in QOF would precede a full CashUtil implementation which is 
a long term goal.

In the meantime, I'm planning a QOF-0.6.0-pre1 release this month.

There has been a LOT of new code in QOF since 0.5 and there is a natural pause 
at this stage when merge, QSF, partial books and entity copying can be 
finished off and qof_undo, logic and qof_shell are in the wings for a likely 
0.7 release early next year.

All the QOF interfaces currently in GnuCash G2 will be present in QOF 0.6.0 
and I will start looking in detail at how GnuCash could use libqof1 in future 
once 0.6 is on release.

I sincerely hope that QOF 0.7 will not be as delayed as 0.6!

Following QOF 0.6.0 final release, pilotqof will follow (assuming pilot-link 
0.12 also moves out of pre-release), then an updated qof-gen.

CashUtil may or may not be ready at the same time as G2 - I hope it can. It 
will require QOF 0.6.0 as well as being the main impetus behind future QOF 
development. Naturally, if anyone else is able to help with CashUtil then the 
work will progress much more rapidly.

I'd also like to extend the libgda role in QOF to provide more choice of 
backends - I see no reason why QOF cannot use SQLite and Postgres +/- MySQL 
directly in the same generic manner as QSF.


Neil Williams

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