[Gnucash-changes] Fix function name.

Didier Vidal didier-devel at 9online.fr
Wed Sep 14 15:50:26 EDT 2005

> > HACK ALERT: the scan and print routines should probably be moved to somewhere 
> > else. The engine really isn't involved with things like printing formats. 
> > This is needed mostly by the GUI and so on. If a file-io backend needs date 
> > handling, it should do it itself, instead of depending on the routines here.
> If a file-io backend needs date handling, and the UI needs date
> handling, shouldn't they share a common set of functions?  Isn't gnc-
> date.c the appropriate existing shared file?
> > Book_Merge and QSF already follow this advice by using strftime and 
> > http://qof.sourceforge.net/doxy/group__Date.html#ga57
In general, message formats, date formats, number formats are not
considered as GUI. I don't know enough the GnuCash module organization
yet to comment specifically here. Formatting is definitely user-facing,
but pretty independant from a GUI implementation, or any interaction
process. It can be used for a Gnome UI, a Web UI, a reporting module, a
log system etc... It's closer to an international message database than
to a GUI implementation I would say.


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