Automake warnings in lib/goffice on Debian

Neil Williams linux at
Fri Sep 16 10:28:21 EDT 2005

On Friday 16 September 2005 3:07 pm, Christian Stimming wrote:
> > If I customise the's in this way, is there any harm in
> > committing the changes to main CVS or should I continue to enforce them
> > only locally?
> Only locally, please. I'd recomment that you set your environment
> variable CFLAGS accordingly. That variable should be picked up by
> configure et al.

The downside to that is that it covers the entire tree (by calling export in 
the bash script that does the build). I certainly don't want it set in all 
projects by putting it in ~/.bashrc! 

If I make local changes to, it only covers that directory. I'll 
simply exclude these files from the comparison that goes to the 


Neil Williams

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