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Yves-Eric MARTIN at
Sat Sep 17 13:40:49 EDT 2005

Hi all,

I would like to help address the issue mentioned in the FAQ

For businesses, the financial year is paramount, and not being able to set it 
renders the "Current Financial Year Start" and the likes totally useless.

Having seen quite a few requests for that feature in the list archives, but 
only workarounds and no mention of anything being done about it, I went ahead 
and, following the FAQ pointer, made some changes in date-utilities.scm, to 
make it easy to set the financial year starting month and day by simply 
editing at the top of the file:

    ;; fin-year-start format: mm dd
    (define fin-year-start '(07 01))

From there, "get-start-cur-fin-year" and cousins now return the right value. 
See patch file attached.

While this makes it easy to set a global financial year, it is of course far 
from a complete solution. We need a way to set this per file, through the UI 
(maybe in the "Book options" dialog accessed by File->Properties?), and then 
date-utilities.scm should use the value from the UI instead of the hardcoded 
fin-year-start... While it does not sound like there should be much to do 
(but I may be totally out to lunch here...), I am afraid this is way above my 
head and I cannot take this any further myself. Could anyone pick things up 
from here?

PS: "End Current/Previous Financial Year" options should be called 
"Current/Previous Financial Year End" for consistency with their "Start" 


Yves-Eric MARTIN
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