FYI: GC on "RHEL4"

Dan Widyono dan at
Sun Sep 25 22:18:50 EDT 2005

FYI, I last compiled and successfully used GC on RHEL3 clone (Fermi
Scientific Linux 3.0.2).  Since then I had upgraded in place to SL 4.0 (RHEL4
clone).  It seems to be working.

Then I installed SL 4.0 fresh on a new system.  GC RPM's wouldn't install.  I
found I had to pull the gdk-pixbuf-gnome-0.22.0-12.el3.i386.rpm RPM and
install that to provide /usr/lib/  I also had to
install --nodeps to get around gnome-print requiring XFree86 (easy to fix in
the .spec file but I just wanted to see if it would run properly in SL4,
urgent personal business to attend to and needed to get to my finances

It installed without error (actually I had to reinstall gnome-print because
it needs to be installed *after* libxml and rpm was screwing up the install
order), and it loads up fine along with my data.  I'll report again later as
I learn of issues or non-issues.

Oh, there was an error about loading
.gnucash/books/%2Fblahblahblah/accounts.gnc (blahblahblah is not real name)
but that's more likely due to my fooling around with moving files around.
That doesn't (yet) seem important to me.

Dan W.

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