Invoice import - is this possible yet?

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Tue Aug 1 09:52:05 EDT 2006

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Graham Leggett schrieb:
>>> I saw mention of "QSF import" that was disabled in v2.0.0 as it didn't
>>> work, was "QSF import" supposed to handle something like this?
>> Yes..  It was supposed to, but it was extremely buggy.  If you want to
>> work on that portion and get it working, patches would be greatly accepted.
> Absolutely anything that will work at this point, whether I have to
> manually ask gnucash to import the file containing the invoices via click
> click click, or command line, whatever.

To activate the QSF import again, according to you need to checkout a
SVN version of trunk and then revert revision 14147. If you need
assistance on how to do it, the easiest way would be to ask on IRC,

> In the longer term, what I'd like to do is run gnucash in a non
> interactive mode. In other words, like this:
> - load gnucash file
> - perform operation (run a report, import a QSF file, whatever)
> - save the gnucash file

*sigh* That's a nice long-term goal, but it is pretty much completely
the opposite of how gnucash is currently designed. See e.g. (And, this is pretty
much the reason why separate projects like "cashutil" were started.
Unfortunately the "cashutil" project probably is no longer compatible to
gnucash since the official Fork in April.)


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