Invoice import - is this possible yet?

Graham Leggett minfrin at
Wed Aug 2 16:51:28 EDT 2006

Derek Atkins wrote:

> With the reports, yeah, it would be relatively straightforward to have
> gnucash generate the report for you without requiring a UI.  The
> problem is that the /export/ is done through GtkHTML, which requires a
> GUI.
> It's easy to come in after eight years of development and with the
> third (or fourth!) generation of developers and point out how the
> design is broken..  Unfortunately that's not helpful.  :(

But it is vital. Refactoring is a constant process, the design flaws are 
highlighted, they are fixed, and the project moves on. Remember that as 
soon as a project's biggest problem is solved, its second biggest 
problem becomes the new bigger problem, and the cycle repeats. Gnucash's 
biggest flaw - lack of support for Gnome2 - has just been solved. It's 
now time to identify and solve the next set of challenges.

For me, Gnucash's now biggest flaw is "it doesn't work well with 
others". I need it to synchronise the customer and vendor databases with 
external sources, like LDAP. I need a way to automate repetitive 
processes, like invoice creation. The import and export of data needs to 
be further improved. Luckily this process has already started, with the 
integration of Gnucash and aqbanking. The process simply needs to be 
continued and improved.

Others may have other priorities to work on, which is ok too. Building 
software is work that is never done. :)

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