[patch] - update to .../help/C/custom.xml

Dave Herman dvherman at gmail.com
Fri Aug 4 17:17:23 EDT 2006

Here is an update for the V2.x Help docs for the "customization"

It does not include any changes to the Tax section,
in fact I added a Note at the top that that section
has not been reviewed for V2.  There should be no
issues, however ...

As usual during the review/update process I encountered
a few questions;

1) There is a section in the "Preferences" section labeled
"Advanced".  It has a notation that it is not displayed by
default, it lists; Application MDI mode, Show vertical borders,
Show Horizontal, ...
I assume this is obsolete, if not where is it ?

2) There is a "Set User Info" with name & address, also obsolete?

Attached is a TAR containing the "svn diff custom.xml", additional
screen-shots in the figures folder and my working custom.xml

Comments and suggestions are appreciated, "patches" are welcome.


Chris - I've nearly completed a modification to "gettingstarted"
chapter. (I moved Help there - once you are in Help do you really need a
section on Help? ;) )

Am also making (slow) progress on the "usage" chapter - resolving
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