What are gnucash-docs' dependencies?

Thomas Klausner tk at giga.or.at
Fri Aug 4 15:55:24 EDT 2006

On Sat, Jul 15, 2006 at 01:21:15PM -0600, Chris Lyttle wrote:
> The reason that configure doesn't check for more than scrollkeeper and 
> xsltproc where the README asks for more is twofold. First scrollkeeper 
> is required for the installation of the docs themselves from the 
> tarball.

I saw that, yes.

> Xsltproc is require to translate the docs to html with the 
> 'make html' command.

I didn't type 'make html', so I didn't understand why it was needed.
I guess this is also the part that needs docbook-xsl, right?

> The second reason is that the README is listing 
> yelp and a portion of yelp's toolchain as yelp is required to read the 
> docs (not install). So its possible to install the docs without yelp, 
> but not possible to install the docs without scrollkeeper. However to 
> _read_ the docs you need yelp and its toolchain. This is why they differ.

Ok, thanks for the explanation.

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