Gnucash Under Windows

Christian Stimming stimming at
Sun Aug 6 06:41:47 EDT 2006

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Am Sonntag, 6. August 2006 00:57 schrieb Tom Browder:
> On 8/1/06, Christian Stimming <stimming at> wrote:
> > > environment.  Has anyone tried it under the cygwin environment?
> >
> > No. Feel free to try it.
> I have, and I got to the point where configure has trouble finding SLIB.
> It getsthis error:
> $ guile -c "(use-modules (ice-9 slib)) (require 'printf)"
> ERROR: Unbound variable: with-load-pathname
> I don't know guile/scheme, so what is the error?  I think it has
> something to do with the ice-9 (???).

Is it possible to start guile without anything? Like
 $ guile
 $ guile -c "(display %load-path)"
I've collected some remarks in the wiki if neither of these two work, see


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