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Christian Stimming stimming at tuhh.de
Tue Aug 8 05:26:26 EDT 2006

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Graham Leggett schrieb:
> On Mon, August 7, 2006 8:03 pm, Derek Atkins wrote:
>> If you specifically want something web-based, you might want to
>> look at SQL-Ledger.  GnuCash is meant to be a desktop app.  There
>> is ONE developer who thinks there might be use as a web app,
>> but I think he stands alone in that goal.
> It's sad that people should be actively criticised for suggesting new
> things for the project. 

*cough* Nobody gets criticised for suggesting new things *and*
submitting patches to implement that (or outlining the actual
implementation path *in detail*). What we *do* criticise is when people
suggest "please do x and y" but expect *us* to start planning that exact
features immediately into our development plans. Feel free to suggest
new features anytime, but if the suggested feature happens to be
different from the agendas of the current developers, you will have to
do the details yourself.

Actually I don't understand what you mean by "actively criticised":
Derek didn't criticise the question about the web interface at all;
instead he only explained that this is not our goal for gnucash. Period.
If someone wants to make it his or her goal to develop gnucash into
"something with a web interface", go ahead. But the majority of the
current developers agree on a different goal at this point in time.

> The gnucash project seems to suffer significantly from this:

Not helpful. It rather seems to me you haven't understood how such a
volunteer-based project works at all.

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