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Wed Aug 9 05:36:24 EDT 2006

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as Derek and Dan have already mentioned: Thanks a lot for your interest
in contributing to gnucash! Dan told you he is working on the program's
translation (po/ru.po in gnucash), and you said you intend to work on
the "Help" and/or the "Guide" documents. Descriptions on how to get
started are on

You can view the existing documents guide/C/gnucash-guide.xml and
help/C/gnucash-help.xml directly with the program "yelp". You can edit
these documents either with a text editor or with some XML Docbook
editor, e.g. OpenOffice with appropriate plugins.

If you need further assistance, don't hesitate to ask. And as soon as
you have some reasonable parts translated, you can already submit them
here and we'll happily add them to SVN.



florin boariu schrieb:
> Hello everybody!
> First off: I'm not on this list. If this is considered a real no-no, please tell me so and I'll subscribe :-)
> I need a romanian translation of gnucash, or more precisely: of the user interface and the user manual. And I need it so bad, that I'm even willing to translate it myself if it doesn't exist ;-)
> My question is: which file(s) do I need to download and translate in order to have the user manual -- I tried to browse through the SVN repository, but all i found in the doc/ or src/doc/-directory seemed more like additional documentation on parts of gnucash and less like the user manual itself...
> Would anyone be so kind to point me to the correct location?
> Best regards,
> florin.
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