[rms at gnu.org: Some problems on gnucash.org]

Nigel Titley nigel at titley.com
Tue Aug 15 06:34:28 EDT 2006

Chris Shoemaker wrote
> Bottom Line:
> Given the insignificance of the practical difference it would make,
> I'm inclined to take the existing copyright notices at face value, and
> to not change any existing copyright notices unless the actual
> copyright holder (whomever or whatever that may be) asks for incorrect
> copyright notices to be corrected.  At the present, that's equivalent
> to assuming that the FSF holds no copyright to any part of GnuCash,
> which is exactly what I thought a week ago.  :)
One minor thing to bear in mind, although it probably makes little 
difference in practice, is that those of us who made translations 
available via the Translation project have assigned copyright of those 
translations to the FSF as part of the process of submission via the TP.


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