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Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Sat Aug 26 09:16:32 EDT 2006

Christian Stimming <stimming at> writes:

> Derek,
> your improvements to the script make it waaaaaaaaaaay cooool! 
> Thanks a lot to Andi and you. 


> I bet you tried to compile goffice as well but it didn't work so
> far. Somehow it didn't work for me right now as well, although I
> recall it did work at my office's computer. Whatever.

I was wondering about that.  You said it worked, but I haven't
had much luck, yet.

But yeah.  I decided to do this because the top-level makefile in
GnuCash tries to "LN_S" the gsf and goffice libraries and that failed
miserably for me because there are no symlinks on windows.  I suppose
I could have re-routed the build system so the LN_S was in the "other"
direction and just linked the config file, but I figured that getting
external GSF and GOFFICE was a better long-term decision.

> Here's what I
> did to get goffice to compile, in addition to what
> already does:

> * Edit goffice/ and remove the linker flags "-lurlmon -lhtmlhelp" 
>>From LIBADD 

I haven't done this yet, but I suppose that's because it doesn't stop
the build.  But it does cause only a static library to get built.

> * Edit goffice/goffice.def and remove the three symbols that are mentioned in 
> the error message, which are
>  go_doc_mark_not_modified
>  go_plugin_init
>  go_plugin_shutdown
> (I guess the gnumeric people simply forgot to update goffice.def here.)

I don't remember seeing any error message here.

> * Ignore the error messages in the plugins/ subdirectory about not being able 
> to merge the translation database. This is accomplished the easiest way by 
> "make -i", although I'm not too sure this is a good idea for the automated 
> script...

I've not figured out how to do that..  I'm trying other routes to work
around this error message.

> I've uploaded a binary gsf tarball to
> and I hope to upload a binary
> goffice as well soon.

Once these are done we should DEFINITELY change the script to just pull
down the binaries.

> As for gnucash: One post-compile pre-install step that *has* to be
> performed as well is similar to g-wrap: In each gw-foo.scm that has
> a command (dynamic-link "libgw-foo"), the library name needs to be
> changed into "libgw-foo-0". Maybe you could already come up with
> some scripting magic that does this for all files...

I think this is a change that should be made in g-wrap itself.  When
g-wrap generates the file is should output the correct name.

> Christian


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