[rms at gnu.org: Some problems on gnucash.org]

Nigel Titley nigel at titley.com
Wed Aug 30 03:35:56 EDT 2006

Eneko Lacunza wrote:
> Hi,
> El mar, 15-08-2006 a las 11:34 +0100, Nigel Titley escribió: 
>>> Given the insignificance of the practical difference it would make,
>>> I'm inclined to take the existing copyright notices at face value, and
>>> to not change any existing copyright notices unless the actual
>>> copyright holder (whomever or whatever that may be) asks for incorrect
>>> copyright notices to be corrected.  At the present, that's equivalent
>>> to assuming that the FSF holds no copyright to any part of GnuCash,
>>> which is exactly what I thought a week ago.  :)
>> One minor thing to bear in mind, although it probably makes little 
>> difference in practice, is that those of us who made translations 
>> available via the Translation project have assigned copyright of those 
>> translations to the FSF as part of the process of submission via the TP.
> This is not fully accurate. I made available translations via de TP in
> the past, and I never assigned copyrights for the translations, as can
> be cheked in TP page:
> http://www.iro.umontreal.ca/translation/registry.cgi?team=es
> I was told by spanish TP leader that for GnuCash it was optional,
> although encouraged, and so were accepted my submissions, altough I made
> no copyright assigment. And it is so shown in "gnucash" textual domain
> page:
> http://www.iro.umontreal.ca/translation/registry.cgi?domain=gnucash
> (sorry for re-introducing this topic again)
You are completely right. My memory was at fault (something which is 
becoming distressingly frequent). I had to sign up because other 
projects for which I do the en_GB translation required it, but not gnucash.

Thanks for the correction. I'll go back to sleep until the next string 

Keep up the good work, chaps.


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