Win32 Port Efforts (eKA$H)

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Tue Dec 12 12:31:26 EST 2006

Quoting Mike Alexander <mta at>:

>> I think I'll apply some of the name changes that concern only the .c
>> files. But especially the s/GUID/GNC_GUID/ change concerns a lot of
>> code, and, as I said, with SVN-trunk we don't observe any problems of
>> the potential name collision here. I'd suggest to defer this until we
>> actually run into the problem again.
> The Windows header files certainly do define those symbols.  Is it
> perhaps the case that SVN-trunk hasn't run into this because it's being
> built with Cygwin instead of MSVC?  Although I did Windows development
> for years, I haven't looked at the Windows port of Gnucash so this may
> be off the wall.

Well, we actually use MinGW, not Cygwin, but it's still GCC.

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