Patch for New Customer dialog

David Hampton hampton-gnucash at
Sat Dec 16 17:31:41 EST 2006

On Sat, 2006-12-16 at 07:13 +0100, Andreas Köhler wrote:

> * GtkDialogs should not have separators (glade: tab Widget, last option)
> * GtkDialogs use a 5px border around the action area and a 2px border
> around the content in the default style. Therefore I suggest to set the
> border of the dialog to 7px, the border of the main child (notebook
> here) to 5px and the spacing between it and the buttons to 8px. That way
> the OK button is 12px to the lower right corner and the distance between
> the notebook and the buttons equals 18px. What do you think?
> * I like the 6px border of the frames, but rather set a 6px border for
> the tab, make the frame borders 0px, but at a spacing of 12px.
> Visually
> it is the same, but I think it is more closely to what you want to
> design (and easier to raise to 12px if you decide to do that later)

Please don't use personal preferences in choosing offsets for dialog
layout.  The Gnome HIG goes into some detail on how windows should be
laid out.

If you can't find something listed there, then make dialogs consistent
with the existing dialogs.  If the existing dialogs are inconsistent, we
should make them consistent.  If we can't decide on that's the right
answer for consistency, we should ask questions of the HIG developers.


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