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Andreas Köhler at
Sun Dec 17 00:54:14 EST 2006


On Sa, 2006-12-16 at 17:31 -0500, David Hampton wrote:
> On Sat, 2006-12-16 at 07:13 +0100, Andreas Köhler wrote:
> > * GtkDialogs should not have separators (glade: tab Widget, last option)
> > 
> > * GtkDialogs use a 5px border around the action area and a 2px border
> > around the content in the default style. Therefore I suggest to set the
> > border of the dialog to 7px, the border of the main child (notebook
> > here) to 5px and the spacing between it and the buttons to 8px. That way
> > the OK button is 12px to the lower right corner and the distance between
> > the notebook and the buttons equals 18px. What do you think?
> > 
> > * I like the 6px border of the frames, but rather set a 6px border for
> > the tab, make the frame borders 0px, but at a spacing of 12px.
> > Visually
> > it is the same, but I think it is more closely to what you want to
> > design (and easier to raise to 12px if you decide to do that later)
> Please don't use personal preferences in choosing offsets for dialog
> layout.  The Gnome HIG goes into some detail on how windows should be
> laid out.

I am not sure whether you mean all of my points or just the last
sentence :) Nonetheless, I did not use personal preferences, but rather
tried to apply the HIG. Sadly, standard GtkDialogs have borders that
make weird adjustments necessary to produce dialogs with a 12px border.
This will not change in the foreseeable future, see

> If you can't find something listed there, then make dialogs consistent
> with the existing dialogs.  If the existing dialogs are inconsistent, we
> should make them consistent.  If we can't decide on that's the right
> answer for consistency, we should ask questions of the HIG developers.

Full Ack!

I posted all these points as suggestions so that all of you---especially
you, David---can speak up/shout what they like or hate. No consensus can
be made by only one person :)

> David

-- andi5

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