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Sun Dec 17 00:42:03 EST 2006


On Sa, 2006-12-16 at 05:16 -0600, Michael D. Wise wrote:
> On Sat, 2006-12-16 at 07:13 +0100, Andreas Köhler wrote:
> > I will note some points, but they are not meant as criticism. I would
> > love it if we could settle on them and have a clean, uniform look in the
> > end :) Maybe I am a bit pedantic though...
> I appreciate your time to give me some advice.  I'm very new at this.  I
> agree that all dialogs should follow a consistent style.  I sent a patch
> for the New Employee dialog and a second patch for the New Customer
> before I read you message.  I'll go back and take a look at them.

Well, I saw your message but did not get the point that your second
patch was before you have read my mail. Until five minutes ago ;-)
For completeness, I try to explain what part of the HIG is concerned
with what i propose.

> > * GtkDialogs should not have separators (glade: tab Widget, last option)
> I wondered about this.  I'll turn the off.

> > * GtkDialogs use a 5px border around the action area and a 2px border
> > around the content in the default style. Therefore I suggest to set the
> > border of the dialog to 7px, the border of the main child (notebook
> > here) to 5px and the spacing between it and the buttons to 8px. That way
> > the OK button is 12px to the lower right corner and the distance between
> > the notebook and the buttons equals 18px. What do you think?
> > 
> I've changed to borders on the dialog and the notebook, but I'm not sure
> of the best way change the spacing between it and the buttons. Could you
> give me some pointers on that.

I am sorry, I forgot the 2px border around the contents of GtkDialogs,
so-called content-area-border. So we need 5px (instead of 7) for the
dialog. Here is a little diagram showing all values:

|   |  255  |   |  << content-area, dialog, notebook borders
|255|content|   |  << content-area, dialog, notebook borders
|   |  585  |   |  << notebook border, vbox spacing, action-area border
|255|buttons|   |  << content-area, dialog, action-area borders
|   |  552  |   |  << action-area, dialog, content-area borders

You probably asked for "vbox spacing". In glade you will find
dialog-vbox2 with a spacing property.

> > * I like the 6px border of the frames, but rather set a 6px border for
> > the tab, make the frame borders 0px, but at a spacing of 12px. Visually
> > it is the same, but I think it is more closely to what you want to
> > design (and easier to raise to 12px if you decide to do that later)
> > 
> Yes that does look and work better.
> > * What about 6px between the entry fields? This would mean 6px after the
> > frame captions too... Proposal: One table per frame and HPadding of 12px
> > for each label. Open if you want to see what I mean :)
> > 
> I'm not sure what you mean here. Could you send me an example of what
> you mean using the customer dialog?  I could then compare the
> differences.

I did not notice that the frame labels actually belong to the frame...
So I attached my own file. Do you think that is HIG
compliant? (I am still trying to find out :))

BTW, your patch files actually contained more lines than the original.

> > * May you remove all "always show scrollbar" policies for
> > GtkScrolledWindows, please? I have done for some, but the business glade
> > files still have them ;) I guess mostly "automatic" is the right choice.
> Sure, I changed to it automatic.  We should only use vertical correct?

Yes, I think so.

> > That is all I have so far. If you want to dive into the source code too,
> > here are three other gotchas:
> Thanks for you help.  I don't know much about coding.  I hope to learn
> more as I go along.

I do not think that hurts. Choose your tasks according to your likings
and capabilities. But do not be afraid of the code, there are "easy"
problems out there, you need not rewrite the register ;-)

> > * Seems like the Cancel button does not work here...
> It should work on my second patch. Let me know if it doesn't.

Do not worry about that one, it seems to be a problem on my computer
only. I am working on it.

> Michael

-- andi5

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