gda-dev does not compile

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Wed Dec 20 15:02:59 EST 2006

Quoting Daniel Espinosa <esodan at>:

>> Maybe.  The problem is that GnuCash has multiple backends.. Some of them
>> require the save button, some do not.   I think the answer here is that
>> the save button should always exist but only be active when the book
>> is dirty.   In the case of a SQL backend, the book will never be dirty
>> so "save" would never be active.
> Well at moment just exist one working: "the file", the other (The
> PostgreSQL) backend  I think is unmaintaned or out sync with the
> lastest 2.0 series.

The PG backend still works, even in 2.0.  You just can't use the
Save-As dialog to create a new one (because you cannot specify
a URI in the interface).  So your understand is not completely correct.
Regardless, the fact remains that we will still have the XML File Backend
and the GDA backend, and the XML File Backend will still require a Save
button..  So we cannot remove it.


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