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harold felton <hfelton_lists at> wrote:
> > it is a function to install the Inno-Setup compiler so that
> > the win32-binary distributions can be created.  the reason
> > that i am having trouble is that the ISCC --version command
> > sends both a DEBUG-message and an EXIT-signal which is causing
> > the 'quiet' function to pass this EXIT-signal up and exit!
> >
> > ive tried adding traps (which is how i determined the problem)
> > and that got me sidetracked onto subtleties of the msys-bash...
> >
> > bottom-line, inno-setup() would install the 'missing' toolchain
> > and i should change the 'test-for-installed' and it would be
> > done.  ie - downloading and installing was 'doable' so far...

>I have no clue whether we depend on some version, so what
>do you think about "quiet which iscc"?

nice...  that is more-elegant than my if[ -x ISSC.exe] solution.

i found that that i needed to use the power-pack-version for the
install because the url-to-download was causing subtle issues.

your idea is great, and ill try to get a svn-diff setup here
pretty quick.  (i have to remove a bunch of crud where i was
testing-for-traps inside the install-program)  should i send
two messages (one for each file)?  or one combined-diff msg?

thanx, h.

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