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Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Wed Dec 20 20:13:23 EST 2006

Quoting harold felton <hfelton_lists at>:

> your idea is great, and ill try to get a svn-diff setup here
> pretty quick.  (i have to remove a bunch of crud where i was
> testing-for-traps inside the install-program)  should i send
> two messages (one for each file)?  or one combined-diff msg?

You can use "svn revert" to get rid of all your changes if you
want to "start over".

Patches should be functionally combined.  So if your new function
requires changes in two files, then both files should be included
in one patch.   If you make changes that are functionally separate
then they should be in two patches, even if the two sets of
changes touch the same file.

> thanx, h.


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