Win32 - - adding inst_inno()

hfelton-lists hfelton_lists at
Wed Dec 20 22:28:14 EST 2006

howdee again,

last one for the evening - i hope.

this is the 'promised' installer for Inno-Setup
it downloads and kicks-off the graphical system
just fine as far as i can tell.

at this point id start to ask the semi-obvious
question:  if i kicked off a nightly-build of the
installer and uploaded it to my google-page
for download - is that appropriate?  prolly not.

i dont have a server (yet?) that i could use to
host-this stuff, but we are indeed getting close
to where a nightly-build might work feasibly, imho.

ok - i forgot to ask if yall cared about log-messages.
i havent got anything special in mind - but i know
that when i normally svn-commit stuff there needs
to be something written down.  :::goes off to read
the most recent log-messages from repos...:::  ooohhh...

carry on...  :-)  h.

---	(revision 15239)
+++	(working copy)
@@ -669,6 +669,21 @@
     quiet glade-3 --version || die "glade not installed correctly"

+function inst_inno() {
+    setup Inno-Setup
+    _INNO_UDIR=`unix_path $INNO_DIR`
+    add_to_env $_INNO_UDIR PATH
+    if quiet which iscc
+    then
+        echo "Inno already installed.  skipping."
+    else
+        smart_wget $INNO_URL $DOWNLOAD_DIR
+        echo "!!! When asked for an installation path, specify $INNO_DIR !!!"
+        $LAST_FILE
+    fi
+    quiet which iscc || die "inno-setup not installed correctly"
 function inst_svn() {
     setup Subversion
     _SVN_UDIR=`unix_path $SVN_DIR`
@@ -770,6 +785,7 @@

 function finish() {
+    setup Finish...
     for _ENV in $ENV_VARS; do
 	_ADDS=`eval echo '"\$'"${_ENV}"'_ADDS"'`
---	(revision 15239)
+++	(working copy)
@@ -156,6 +156,9 @@


@@ -185,6 +188,9 @@
 add_step inst_libgsf
 add_step inst_goffice
 #add_step inst_glade
+if test x$cross_compile != xyes ; then
+ add_step inst_inno
 add_step inst_svn
 add_step svn_up
 add_step inst_gnucash

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