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Christian Stimming stimming at
Thu Dec 21 08:19:09 EST 2006

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hfelton-lists schrieb:
> this is the 'promised' installer for Inno-Setup
> it downloads and kicks-off the graphical system
> just fine as far as i can tell.

Applied, with some minor modifications and the suggested command line at
the end of Future patches should please be sent as attachment
instead of directly in  the text, because that makes it easier to
actually extract them from the message. Thanks anyway for this one.

> at this point id start to ask the semi-obvious
> question:  if i kicked off a nightly-build of the
> installer and uploaded it to my google-page
> for download - is that appropriate?  prolly not.
> i dont have a server (yet?) that i could use to
> host-this stuff, but we are indeed getting close
> to where a nightly-build might work feasibly, imho.

In my opinion a nightly win32 build would be very nice. We are not yet
close to a stable win32 release, so those nightly builds would have to
be marked "unofficial", "pre-beta", "only for testing", or similar, so
that nobody expects a finished product. As long as these are marked
"unofficial" clearly enough, I think it's fine if you host them on a
google page or whatever webspace you have at hand.

(Just a side note about your abbreviated language (l33t speak or
whatever): Please try to use normal or even formal english when writing
your messages here. Some developers (like andi5, or myself) do not speak
english as mother tongue, and this makes it much harder to understand
what someone actually wants to say. So in order to avoid unnecessary
misunderstandings, I would kindly ask to write just normal english
instead of abbreviated forms.)

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