Win32 - - adding profile.d

hfelton-lists hfelton_lists at
Thu Dec 21 16:27:23 EST 2006

>>> rejected patch...

ah well, it looked like the idea had been done
(and rejected) before - so no big deal.  besides,
for any "lazy windows users" like me - i did describe
the process for manually creating it in the wiki.
also, it gave me some practice/interest in helping.

ill try to remember to attach the patches separately
(and to use less-stylized english) in the future.

i still think there is an implicit requirement to restart
the msys-system at least once during the initial
installs and downloads.  im not sure where tho.


i have tried a few places to store the 27Mb exe file
and they have all been unsuccessful so far.  if i
come up with an anonymous-access location
then i will post it here.  hmmm.  bittorrent?


i hope your day is going (or has already gone) well.  h.

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