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harold felton hfelton_lists at
Thu Dec 21 18:03:32 EST 2006

>From: Derek Atkins <warlord at MIT.EDU>
>Is there any particular reason your replies don't use the
>Standard Internet Reply Format?  Could you please use it?
>Whatever you're doing makes it MUCH harder to follow
>and differentiate what you're quoting from what you're writing.

reason?  yes.  GOOD reason?  no.  sorry.  :)

reason - ive been monitoring this (among many others)
email address with a piece of software called eprompter.
it uses a very-rudimentary system when i hit reply...

i will endeavor to put together some better tools
over the holidays.  like my interest in gnucash, i am
trying new things and making mistakes.

happy holidays, h.

Dave vs. Carl: The Insignificant Championship Series.  Who will win?

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