Win32 - uploading ftp nightly

hfelton-lists hfelton_lists at
Fri Dec 22 03:08:21 EST 2006


im doing some manual (not well thought-out)
uploading to the two locations of the 27mb
exe files.  in particular, i am uploading more
than just one nightly build.  (i have two files)

i am still compiling (oooh - it just finished -
takes 1 hr 30 min on my laptop) the build
for tonight.  crud - looks like it failed - ill
take a look for the error a little later.
( ./ pushd: /c/soft/gnucash/inst}/bin: No such file or directory)

the nightly file will eventually be just fine
with the same name of gnucash-2.0.99.exe
since the svn-revision shows up in the "about"
section of the executable (i think).  however,
i figured it was safer to have a couple of
choices for this first few days (especially
until something becomes automated).

hope your day/nite is good, h.

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