Save to URI [Was: Re: gda-dev does not compile]

Mark Johnson mrj001 at
Sat Dec 23 14:58:32 EST 2006

Derek Atkins wrote:

>> I would like to test the gda backend by saving (a copy of) my real 
>> data to it.  How would I do that?  (I am testing gnucash-gda on a 
>> separate machine from where I run gnucash with my real data.)
> My understanding is that right now there's not a good way of doing this
> because there's no way to input a URI in the File Chooser, so you
> cannot Save As to save to a GDA backend.   Fixing this is something
> that needs to happen..  Care to take a shot?  ;)
Sigh, I couldn't resist the temptation...  I started looking into this. 

First, I thought I had found something when I found the function 
gtk_file_chooser_set_local_only, but the wretched dialog insists on 
trying to display the directory of the entered URI when one clicks 
Save.  Naturally, such a directory does not exist.  Entering 
gda://AnActualConection results in an error.

That confirms we can't use the File Chooser.

What's the best way to recompile gnucash after changing just one source 
file?  When I typed make, it seemed to take forever.  Then "make 
install" was only a partial install.  Clearly, this wasn't the way to go.

I'm looking at 1.8.12 code now to see how it handled the dialog.


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