r15260 - gnucash/trunk - Do not build tests for `make all' but only `make check'. This is done by

Andreas Köhler andi5.py at gmx.net
Tue Dec 26 22:15:46 EST 2006

Hi andi5,

On Di, 2006-12-26 at 21:51 -0500, Andreas Köhler wrote:
> Author: andi5
> Date: 2006-12-26 21:51:03 -0500 (Tue, 26 Dec 2006)
> New Revision: 15260
> Trac: http://svn.gnucash.org/trac/changeset/15260
> Log:
> Do not build tests for `make all' but only `make check'. This is done by
> using the automake prefix check_ instead of noinst_. The modules created
> in src/gnc-module/test now use that prefix too, but with LDFLAGS="-rpath
> ${PWD}" to make them shared (we never install them).

I compared r15259 and r15260 in clean build directories and obtained the
following times:

            r15259   r15260
make         10'43"   7'43"
make check    1'46"   4'50"
total        12'29"  12'33"

So the change really does what it is supposed to do, namely spend the
time to build tests when those are needed, for `make check'.

After having run `make' in all necessary directories, `make check' will
work in almost all directories. The only exceptions are src/engine/test,
src/backend/file/test and src/app-utils/test, which need `make check' in

I wonder whether there are major objections to this change.

-- andi5

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