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Mark Johnson mrj001 at
Thu Dec 28 22:38:02 EST 2006

Derek Atkins wrote:

> Quoting Mark Johnson <mrj001 at>:
>> What I'm looking at is using AC_ARG_ENABLE to make a --disable-gda
>> argument, so that for the gda-dev branch (at least for now) building the
>> gda backend would be the default.
> Take a look at what we do for AC_ARG_ENABLE(ofx ...)  You probably
> want to duplicate that.

The OFX example makes more sense.  I can see how it becomes optional.  
Now that I've seen it, I can see that the postgres works similarly.  I 
knew there had to be something more than the top level to 

I think PKG_CHECK_MODULES does everything I need for this.  The code for 
gda will be much simpler than for ofx.

>> This would replace the current argument which takes a path to the
>> libgda-2.0.pc file.  Shouldn't that be set in the PKG_CONFIG_PATH
>> environment variable?
> Yeah, it should just use PKG_CONFIG_PATH, and the default pkgconfig
> macros to look for the various configurations.   I don't think we use
> pkg-config for libofx, but you could look at the libgtkhtml checks.

I had looked at it.  I was thinking of something similar, until I 
realized that the libgda 1.99/2.0 was not going to continue.

Thanks for the help Derek.  It was just what I needed.

I have attached a patch against and src/backend/ 
(svn 15277, gda-dev branch) to implement the --disable-gda option for 
configure.  I am currently testing if the gda-dev branch builds with 
--disable-gda passed to configure.  It will most likely be tomorrow 
morning before I know if it has built (and built correctly).


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