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Daniel Espinosa esodan at
Thu Dec 28 23:31:10 EST 2006

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> >>Further feedback on gda-dev:
> >>configure did not fail when libgda-2.0.pc was not present.  The
> >> should be updated to have an option to enable/disable this
> >>backend (like the --enable-sql option for postgresql).  When the libgda
> >>is not present and the option is enabled, the configure should fail
> >>rather than the build.
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> >I guess it depends if GDA is going to be optional or not.  We could
> >do something like what libofx does in terms of AC_MSG_WARN vs
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> What I'm looking at is using AC_ARG_ENABLE to make a --disable-gda
> argument, so that for the gda-dev branch (at least for now) building the
> gda backend would be the default.
> This would replace the current argument which takes a path to the
> libgda-2.0.pc file.  Shouldn't that be set in the PKG_CONFIG_PATH
> environment variable?
> What I don't understand is:
> When I pass --disable-gda, how does make know not to build that backend?
> For example, I don't pass --enable-sql, and the postgres backend is not
> built. (Right?  It's got to be right; I don't have postgres installed on
> some machines where I've built gnucash.)  But I can't seem to find how
> that information is passed from configure to the build process.

AFAIK outside the backend code there's a file with the management to
load that backend when a URI is written, sorry I don't remember for
the moment but if you follow the GLADE3 support in gnomedb you'll see

dnl ******************************
dnl Checks for Glade3
dnl ******************************

GLADE3_MODULES="libgladeui-1.0 >= 3.0"

PKG_CHECK_MODULES(GLADE3, $GLADE3_MODULES, have_glade3=yes, have_glade3=no)
AM_CONDITIONAL(HAVE_GLADE3, test x"$have_glade3" = "xyes")

if test x"$have_glade3" = "xyes"
    GLADE3_PIXMAP_DIR=`pkg-config --variable=pixmapdir glade-3`
    GLADE3_MODULES_DIR=`pkg-config --variable=moduledir glade-3`
    GLADE3_CATALOG_DIR=`pkg-config --variable=catalogdir glade-3`

then in in the backend you can do like in in
gnomedb for glade3:



	po \
	libgnomedb \
	testing \
	extra \
	examples \

Then if glade3 doesn't exist the gda's subdirectory will never be
compiled (like in glade3 for gnomedb).

> If anyone is interested, libgnomedb was also bumped up to 2.99.  It
> requires gtk+ version 2.10.x, but their configure tests for an older
> version.
> (

I'll try to fix it when possible or talk with Vivien, please inform
this in gnomedb-devel list.

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