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harold felton hfelton_lists at
Fri Dec 29 00:21:57 EST 2006

howdee again,

my last patch/attempt was working ok, but i had
made some mistakes in my own procedures.  i have
since tested this patch - all the way thru the install
onto a fresh-winxpsp2-uptodate system (the icon
file needed to be located correctly) which had never
before seen gnucash.

it all seems to work (altho i do not have a realistic
checkbook to test against yet, just a blank-simple one).
if someone wants to try the win32-installer ive
uploaded the r15277 version at
(or use the direct-ftp link as listed at

ive noticed that the program (while generating some
"known" gnucash registry entries) generates some
registry-remnants after gnucash has been used once.
no big deal, just fyi.

thanx to andi5 for the magic command (executed
within the c:\soft\gnucash\build dir) to implement it:
./config.status packaging/win32/gnucash.iss

anyways, enclosed please find the patch and enjoy, h.

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