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Christian Stimming stimming at
Fri Dec 29 16:42:50 EST 2006

Dear Harold,

thank you very much for this patch. As I can see, basically you 
have replaced the long pathname expressions by ISPP (pre-processor) macros 
which should make it easier to read the file. This is clearly a benefit, 
especially for path names that are repeated a lot. 

However, I would like to improve your patch a little bit. Attached you can 
find my proposed patch: I've changed the macro names to use the standard 
autoconf/automake conventions of the unix build system, and I've decreased 
the number of macros so that only those pathnames are put through ISPP that 
are really used more than once. 

Can you test whether, patched in this way, will work for you as 
well? Currently I don't have a win32 machine at hand.

Thank you very much for this feedback.


Am Freitag, 29. Dezember 2006 06:21 schrieb harold felton:
> howdee again,
> my last patch/attempt was working ok, but i had
> made some mistakes in my own procedures.  i have
> since tested this patch - all the way thru the install
> onto a fresh-winxpsp2-uptodate system (the icon
> file needed to be located correctly) which had never
> before seen gnucash.
> it all seems to work (altho i do not have a realistic
> checkbook to test against yet, just a blank-simple one).
> if someone wants to try the win32-installer ive
> uploaded the r15277 version at
> (or use the direct-ftp link as listed at
> ive noticed that the program (while generating some
> "known" gnucash registry entries) generates some
> registry-remnants after gnucash has been used once.
> no big deal, just fyi.
> thanx to andi5 for the magic command (executed
> within the c:\soft\gnucash\build dir) to implement it:
> ./config.status packaging/win32/gnucash.iss
> anyways, enclosed please find the patch and enjoy, h.
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