Win32 - - working patch

harold felton hfelton_lists at
Fri Dec 29 18:13:46 EST 2006

howdee christian,

>From: Christian Stimming <stimming at>
>Can you test whether, patched in this way, will work for you 
>well? Currently I don't have a win32 machine at hand.

i will try it now.  i need to learn/do two things first:
1 - figure out how to APPLY a patch (i just know
how to svn-diff to generate the patch so far)
2 - check everything out after recompile (which
will take an hour or two depending...)

hopefully i can report back some positive results
before i need to leave in 3+ hours, otherwise it
will have to wait till tomorrow (next free time).

thanx, h.

ps - i ran patch -p0 < patch-file-name.diff and
it all looks fine so far.  i havent sorted out the
svn-merge command yet, but will do so later.
one minor-tweak, there is an AppVersion item
in [Setup] that might fix an issue where windows
does not label the version of the icon correctly.
i will add that single item and report back...
(since last night i had gone wild adding ispp
items and it looks like yall dont want extra junk)

pps - i cannot access gaim at work, so cannot
chat easily - so will try to remain fairly brief here.

>From photos to predictions, The MSN Entertainment Guide to Golden Globes has 
it all.

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