invalid glib key names in gnucash

Thomas Bushnell BSG tb at
Fri Dec 29 13:42:17 EST 2006

gnucash creates its own glib key files in ~/.gnucash/books.  The keys
used in these files are filled with spaces.  Spaces are not allowed in
glib keys.

As of glib version 2.12.5, key names are being validated and errors
returned if invalid keys are used.  This causes the stored data in
~/.gnucash/books to be ignored and also unsaved.

Upstream is opposed to changing glib to allow spaces, because in part
the syntax is unclear (what about leading spaces? what about spaces
around the equal sign?).  

Two things are necessary here:

1) Make gnucash stop using the illegal keys,
2) Transition for users with existing files so that they don't suddenly

Thoughts, please?


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