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Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Fri Dec 29 00:41:54 EST 2006

Quoting Daniel Espinosa <esodan at>:

> AFAIK outside the backend code there's a file with the management to
> load that backend when a URI is written, sorry I don't remember for
> the moment but if you follow the GLADE3 support in gnomedb you'll see
> in
> PKG_CHECK_MODULES(GLADE3, $GLADE3_MODULES, have_glade3=yes, have_glade3=no)
> AM_CONDITIONAL(HAVE_GLADE3, test x"$have_glade3" = "xyes")
> then in in the backend you can do like in in
> gnomedb for glade3:
> else
> endif
> (...)
> Then if glade3 doesn't exist the gda's subdirectory will never be
> compiled (like in glade3 for gnomedb).

While this approach works fine, it's much more complicated than
the approach we already use, where knows the name
of the (in our case) gda subdirectory.  That way we can just use
an AC_SUBST() instead of an AM_CONDITIONAL.

Both approaches work, but I think our approach is fewer lines in and also fewer lines in


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