gda-dev; new libgda version

Mark Johnson mrj001 at
Fri Dec 29 08:33:31 EST 2006

Daniel Espinosa wrote:

> Sorry I forget to add that you need to use #ifdef GDA (or any variable
> you set using in gnucash) the the code you want to be
> missed at compile time, please see at the code where you set the URI
> handler (may exist other files I don't remember for the moment may
> Phill could help here).
I haven't looked at the code for the URI handler, but it seems to be 
pretty intelligent about it.

When I passed --disable-gda to my patched configure script, gnucash 
(gda-dev svn 15277) compiled successfully.  It also ran fine.  As 
expected, it cannot parse a gda://xxx URL.  Also as expected, it loaded 
a data file.  This confirms the patched configure script has a properly 
functioning option  to enable (default) or disable the gda backend.

No #ifdef's were required anywhere in the code.  Impressive.


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