2.0.4 release?

Thomas Bushnell BSG tb at becket.net
Sat Dec 30 21:51:36 EST 2006

On Sat, 2006-12-30 at 21:05 -0500, Derek Atkins wrote:
> I know David Hampton is looking into it.  Unfortunately there's not a
> good runtime check to test the running glib version.. The bastards
> decided to change the behavior mid-stream, without making it "easy" to
> detect the "broken" glib.   You could compile against a working glib
> and then replace the .so and gnucash would fail out from under them.

My suggested solution is:

1) Stop using keys with spaces in them;
2) Write a converter function to remove spaces from files that have
3) When the file is opened, look to see if it's got spaces, and if it
does, convert it.

That involves giving in to their silliness, but I don't think that's
harmful in this case.

> Although I prefer #1, David seems to prefer #2.  He's doing the work so
> I'll let him decide.   IMNSHO for now the Debian package can just limit
> the compatible glib version.

The Debian issue is twofold:

1) The release is in a freeze at the moment, and gnucash 2.0.2 is what's
in it.  Likewise, the working old glib is in it, and the release
managers have said that the new brokenness will not be permitted into
the release.  (They can slide a newer version of glib in, because it
apparently fixes some real bugs, but they must revert this brokenness if
they want that.)  

Because more applications than just gnucash may be affected, this
situation for the Debian release will be what goes, even if there is a
change to gnucash to deal which can be backported to 2.0.2.  (That is,
the new glib brokenness won't go into the new Debian release, no matter
what gnucash does, because more than gnucash might be affected.)

2) The issue for Debian unstable, once the release occurs, will be
trickier.  The new glib is in Debian unstable already.  Any users who
upgrade it have a broken gnucash already.  If I put a conflict in the
Debian package, declaring that it only works with older glib, this
doesn't help any actual users, because they have mostly all already
upgraded anyway; the result would be to simply render gnucash
uninstallable in Debian unstable.  Since the bug is only of "important"
severity (the only lossage known besides window niceties is saved
reports) this would be too much a loss.

So what I hope for is a gnucash release which has a fix, so that once
the Debian release happens, and I can upload the latest gnucash version,
it will work with whatever glib version is in use.


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