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Sun Dec 31 06:27:21 EST 2006

>From: "harold felton" <hfelton_lists at>
>howdee christian,
> >From: Christian Stimming <stimming at>
> >
> >Can you test whether, patched in this way, will work for 
> >as
> >well? Currently I don't have a win32 machine at hand.
>hopefully i can report back some positive results
>before i need to leave in 3+ hours, otherwise it
>will have to wait till tomorrow (next free time).

the following message was composed a couple
of days ago - but the information is still pertinent.
somehow ive screwed up my working system
and will have to start-again to get it running.

i will not have time to deal with this before the
2nd - and apologize for the delay.  i was mucking
about in my registry and have probably created
a unique-error for myself - but if this looks familiar
to anyone else, i am posting it for information.
if you have a suggested solution, thatd be great too.

[[[friday eve]]]
bad news - i am not sure what happened, but there
is a fundamental install/run item that no longer works.
somehow i have lost my previously-working system also.

the error is consistent now - although it initially said
line-29 instead of line-76.  the error is a windows
box that pops up and says: **ERROR**:file corba_object.c
line 76 (ORBit_register_objref): assertion failed: (obj->
object-key != NULL.)  aborting...

at this point, and due to the way that i was bypassing
the full compile steps last nite - i cannot tell you whether
the issue came up in r15269/70 or later.  i am fairly
certain that i used on the 15270 version, but
then used on the 15277 version last nite.  when
i reran - i appear tove gotten this repeating
error and both my /inst and /dist directories no longer
run - and so i cannot get to the checks yet.

sorry i cannot be more helpful - i thought initially that
my laptop (due to norton) was causing the issues here
at work, but ive turned off norton and flushed the
registry of any prior gnucash-items.  however it may
still be unique to me, since the prior-win-installers also
cannot run correctly either.  bleah.  yes, i think it is
unique to me - my manual registry-clean has left some
junk that explains this - now that i think about it...

long message saying - inconclusive, will try again - sigh...  h.

[[[sunday again]]]

i did not send the earlier message because i thought i
could "fix" any issues i had caused by/for myself.  but
it has been a couple of days and i am due for new years
party festivities soon.

i am fairly sure the patch was/is fine, because my issues
are unrelated to it.  ie - i seem to need to do a complete
reinstall to get a fresh-system working again.  oh well...

wishing yall a happy ending-of-2006/beginning-of-2007.

have fun, h.

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